Vodka is good. But writing is better!

Practically everyone who knows me is aware that I enjoy an adult beverage or two every now and then. And many who know me, especially through social media, know that I like to entertain when I can (with or without alcohol!). But few people know that what I truly desire in this world is to be a writer. As in, I want that to be my day job. (And I already like my day job!) So, yes, there it is: I want to be a writer.

In truth, I’ve been writing my whole life already. But you know what I mean. Teenage love poems and the crappy, sappy short stories of my youth were just the practice rounds. I have tried my hand at blogging and am currently writing two novels, one for women and one for young adults. So far, I am full of ideas and enthusiasm but short on time! But those are just excuses…

In the interest of further procrastination, I’ve spent some valuable time setting up this new site! I have blended my two previous blogs—Isagenix or Bust! and Random Musings—into this one (for your convenience!) and I will be writing a new travel blog since my hubby and I are planning a European vacation this summer. In addition, I am going to use this space as a place to share some of my other writing with you. At least, I hope I’m brave enough to do so. I would be seeking feedback and constructive criticism, but I’m not there just yet!

So if you’ve landed here, for whatever reason, THANK YOU! My blog links are on the right (or below if you’re on your phone). Browse the site, sign up below for my email list, and check back often! Vodka is optional. But if you’re buying, I like Grey Goose.