5 Things You Find All Over Europe

Having recently spent 18 days on vacation in Europe, there were certain things that were constant no matter where we went. There were certain things that we saw EVERYWHERE we went throughout 6 different countries and more than a dozen separate destinations. And now I feel the need to point them out!



Europe is a very dog-friendly place, and you will see four-legged friends sitting under restaurant tables, on public transportation, and all over city streets and parks. As a result of this universal acceptance in public places, the dogs in Europe are VERY well trained! 


IMG_8957 (1)


Europeans go crazy with flowers. Most buildings and homes are adorned with them. Public spaces have them. I even saw a small one-lane bridges decorated! They are everywhere and they are beautiful!

Asian tourists with selfie-sticks

This is one case where the stereotype is true. (And please don’t think I’m a prejudiced person.) Asian tourists seem to travel in packs, they take photos of just about everything (even things not particularly photo-worthy, in my opinion), and they are all about the “pose.” I can’t imagine how long it takes them to sort through their vacation pics!


FullSizeRender (26)I don’t know why I didn’t expect to see pigeons in European countries, but I was actually surprised to see them milling around, eating crumbs, and looking EXACTLY the same as the pigeons in the US. Perhaps I thought they should be wearing berets or drinking sparkling water?



Europeans are serious about their bread. No, I mean REALLY serious! Bread and/or pastries are found at every meal, and they are SCRUMPTIOUS! There is no bad bread in Europe, at least none that I’ve had. Not only are excellent pastries served at every meal, there are pastry shops on just about every block, in kiosks along the road, underground in metro stations, even on train platforms! Bon appetit!


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